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Installing Vagrant on Manjaro i3

Vagrant a high-level open-source tool for building and maintaining virtual environments. With the use of plugins, Vagrant can manage many underlying VM technology, like VirtualBox, KVM, etc. In this article we will configure Vagrant with […]


Install Docker on Manjaro i3

You can search for the package using pamac. The below will install docker along with two other packages, containerd and runc. Once installed, start and enable the service to start on boot. You can test […]

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Install LibreOffice on Manjaro i3 CE

LibreOffice is the leading open source office suite for Linux, Windows and Macintosh. The suite includes six applications, Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base. LibreOffice is available in the standard supported repository. I’m from […]

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View Your Mind on Manjaro i3

vym (View Your Mind) is a great alternative to FreeMind – the mind mapping software, and is available on both Linux and Windows. The vym package is available in the standard repository. Install it with […]

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Unable to Launch FreeMind

Recently I installed FreeMind (from the AUR) on Manjaro but when I tried to run it, nothing happened. After trying to launch it from a terminal, I get some information back. A google search seems […]

Arch Linux

FreeMind on Manjaro i3 CE

Written in Java, FreeMind is an open source mind-mapping application. It’s a great tool to help you organise, plan or demonstrate your ideas to others by mind-maps. At the time of writing, freemind is available […]

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Arch Linux

Using the snaps package manager

Snaps is a cross-platform; application, packaging and deployment system; created by Canonical and originally designed for Ubuntu. However, the snaps package manager is now available for most distributions, including Arch. All the application libraries are […]