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Shutter with XMonad

December 7, 2013 Andy 0

For me, Shutter is the best open-source screenshot program available for Linux. When I used Windows, I really liked Snagit – Shutter is a good alternative. Installing Shutter Installing Shutter is straight forward enough. However, before doing so, I added a couple of use flags to enable the drawing tools and afford the functionality of taking screenshots of websites. This needed if you want similar functionality to Snagit where you can easily take a screenshot and then quickly and easily edit it. Such as highlighting an area or blurring-out sensitive information. echo “x11-misc/shutter drawing webphoto” >> /etc/portage/package.use To install, simply […]

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Installing XMonad on Gentoo

November 3, 2013 Andy 0

I have already installed Gentoo with a Kernel supporting NVidia graphics cards using the open-source Nouveau driver. I also have a working installation of Xorg server. Now all that’s left to do now is install XMonad! emerge –ask xmonad xmonad-contrib Notes that will probably be removed/deleted The above pulled in a lot of additional software and took quite a long time to complete. However, all seemed to work. Here I should mention about how to start and link to command/cheatsheet etc. Include .xinitrc and how .xsession does not work (should be removed it present). After that I decided to install […]