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Install Ansible on Arch Linux and Run Playbooks Locally

February 26, 2018 Andy 0

Installation is pretty simple…. Useful dependencies: Optional dependencies for ansible sshpass: for ssh connections with password python2-passlib: crypt values for vars_prompt python2-netaddr: for the ipaddr filter python2-systemd: log to journal python2-pywinrm: connect to Windows machines python2-dnspython: for dig lookup python2-ovirt-engine-sdk: ovirt support python2-boto: aws_s3 module python2-jmespath: json_query support We need sshpass for password-based authentication using Ansible. Run Ansible Locally Create an inventory hosts file: My one currently has just localhost as the control machine: [control] You’ll also need to make sure the SSH daemon process is running: Also, because by default SSH uses Host key checking which is not […]

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Installing Ansible on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

November 28, 2015 Andy 0

Take a look at the official installation guide. The simplest way to install Ansible on Ubuntu is add the PPA repository and install via apt-get. If not already installed, you will need the software-properties-common package. Then add the repository and install ansible. Presumably you’ve already got an external server that you want to configure with Ansible. You will need SSH access, and if you’ve not already done so, you’re gonna want to setup key-based authentication. Assuming you’ve done that, you can test things are working with: I also need to tell ansible to connect as the root user. Enter the […]