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Removing LVM2 Partitions and RAID Devices

August 20, 2013 Andy 0

LVM Partitions If you decide to start your installation from the beginning (or installing another OS), you will first need to remove the LVM2 partitions and the RAID devices. To do that, boot into a Gentoo Live DVD, at the boot menu, navigate to Gentoo x86 amd64 and press tab. At the end of the boot options, add dolvm domdadm. Once within the LiveDVD, run something similar to the below, replacing the names to match yours. Note, you should not attempt his while any of the partitions are mounted! lvremove -v /dev/vgssd/{lvboot,lvroot} && lvremove -v /dev/vghdd/{lvhome,lvusrportage,lvvar,lvvhdd} vgremove -v vghdd vgssd […]