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XWiki on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Nginx Reverse Proxy

February 26, 2018 Andy 0

Install XWiki and all dependant programs on a 4 GB cloud server. This means: 1) Java 2) Tomcat 3) MySQL/MariaDB 4) XWiki 5) Nginx Here we use Nginx as a reverse proxy to firstly redirect all HTTP to HTTPS and then forward all requests on port 80/443 to port 8080 (tomcat) on the localhost. Here I use LetsEncrytp for my SSL certificates. Before we begin… Setup DNS ——> Prepare the Server Update Update and reboot the server. Enable the firewall Install Oracle Java This is a requirement before installing Tomcat or XWiki. At the time of writing, Java 8.x is […]

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Protect Your Cloud Infrastructure Servers with Isolated Cloud Networks

March 31, 2015 Andy 0

Create a Private Cloud Network Create an isolated cloud network. Here I am using the supernova client to communicate with the Rackspace OpenStack API. Take note of the id – you’ll need it shortly! Create a Proxy Server and Attach to the Private Network The above creates a server using the CentOS 6.6 image. Other images of interest are: Proxy Bastion Configuration Later we create a cloud server with no public IP, which is protected by sitting behind our proxy bastion. From the bastion side, in order for our protected server to have access to the internet, we need to […]