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OSMC PPTP Client Configuration

August 14, 2015 Andy 0

My parents are retired and have a house in France where they live for about three months of the year. Like most people in the UK, they watch a lot of TV and are big users of the BBC iPlayer. This is a problem when they’re in France as the BBC uses GeoLocation authentication. Simply put, this means they block all connections coming from a non-UK IP address. One solution to this problem is to route there internet traffic through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). You could host your own VPN, or you could simply subscribe to one of many […]

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Dependency cycle detected

August 5, 2015 Andy 0

Occassionally when using Arch Linux, you may come across a warning: dependency cycle detected message when trying to update your system using pacman. Here we simply need to update the nvidia-libgl package…… …and then proceed with the system update as normal.