Distribution Specific

A collection of information relating to various flavours of Linux.

CentOS / Red Hat

Linux Administration

Removing LVM2 Partitions and RAID Devices
Connect to a NFS Share

Linux Commands

Some useful Linux commands that it is worth taking some time to get to know.

Command Name Description
scp Secure Copy. Uses SSH to securely copy files remotely across a network.
find Find files and directories. Can search by name, owner, group, type, permissions, etc.
locate Locate files. A fast search utility for seaching by name.
curl Transferring data. Getting or sending data via various protocols, such as HTTP.
nmap Network Mapper Popular, cross-platform port scanner.
tar Tape Archive. Archiving utility.
top Task manager. Ordered list of running processes and resources taken.
Command Name Description
openssl Open Secure Socket Layer Open-source cryptographic protocols for secure communication.


Is an X-based tiling window manager for Linux and is my preferred GUI for Linux.

Installing XMonad on Gentoo

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