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XWiki on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Nginx Reverse Proxy

February 26, 2018 Andy 0

Install XWiki and all dependant programs on a 4 GB cloud server. This means: 1) Java 2) Tomcat 3) MySQL/MariaDB 4) XWiki 5) Nginx Here we use Nginx as a reverse proxy to firstly redirect all HTTP to HTTPS and then forward all requests on port 80/443 to port 8080 (tomcat) on the localhost. Here I use LetsEncrytp for my SSL certificates. Before we begin… Setup DNS ——> Prepare the Server Update Update and reboot the server. Enable the firewall Install Oracle Java This is a requirement before installing Tomcat or XWiki. At the time of writing, Java 8.x is […]

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OSMC PPTP Client Configuration

August 14, 2015 Andy 0

My parents are retired and have a house in France where they live for about three months of the year. Like most people in the UK, they watch a lot of TV and are big users of the BBC iPlayer. This is a problem when they’re in France as the BBC uses GeoLocation authentication. Simply put, this means they block all connections coming from a non-UK IP address. One solution to this problem is to route there internet traffic through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). You could host your own VPN, or you could simply subscribe to one of many […]

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Install NewRelic Server Monitoring Agent on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

April 19, 2015 Andy 0

NewRelic is a real-time monitoring tool that has a number of useful plugins. Here I am installing the server monitoring agent to keep track of my servers health. To install the server monitoring agent, first add the repository… …then install the monitoring agent…. Configure and start server monitoring daemon… And here’s what the server monitoring overview page looks like. Related Documents New Relic Servers for Linux

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Rackspace Cloud Monitoring Agent

April 11, 2015 Andy 0

The Rackspace cloud monitoring agent allows you to monitor CPU, memory, filesystem usage and system processes. It does this by collecting information about the system and pushing it out to Rackspace Cloud Monitoring web services, where they can be analyzed, graphed, and alerted on. It is this technology that the Rackspace monitoring checks are built upon. Plus you get a nice pretty little bar graph in the server details section of the control panel 🙂 Install the Agent While the instructions used here are for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, this page lists the exact commands needed for all major distros. If […]