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nvPY on Gentoo

December 14, 2013 Andy 0

nvPY is a fast, simple to use, no fuss, cross-platform note taking application. One of the big benefits is that all your notes are stored somewhere on the cloud – so you don’t need to worry about them! Unfortunately we can not simply use emerge to install nvPY, so there are a few prerequisites prior to installation. Prerequisites There are not many prerequisites to nvPY but here they are all the same. Simplenotes Account In order to use nvPY, you will first need to create yourself a simplenotes account at Now armed with your simplenotes login credentails, you can […]

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Connect to a NFS Share with Gentoo

November 3, 2013 Andy 0

Install NFSv4 The below command will install with the default USE flags of ipv6, tpcd and nfsv4. emerge –ask nfs-utils Find NFS Shares If you don’t know or can remember the name of your NFS shared drives, you can use the below command to list the exports. storm ~ # showmount -e “” Export list for /personal shared /Web /Usb /Recordings /Public /Network Recycle Bin 1 /Multimedia /Download storm ~ # I want to connect to “/personal shared“, but note the space in the share name. mount -t nfs “ shared” ~/nfs/ To mount a share like this you […]

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Firefox on Gentoo

November 2, 2013 Andy 0

I recently setup Firefox sync on my work machine which runs Ubuntu, then did the same on my home desktop which runs Gentoo. Before I knew it, all my work add-ons appeared on my home desktop. This was a cool feature that I didn’t know Firefox sync had. However, upon closer inspection, I noticed that only half off my add-ons were working, the other half disabled with. … is incompatible with Aurora 17.0.9 For those that don’t know, Aurora is the bleeding-edge beta version of Firefox. I knew I was using this but until now it had not been a […]

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Recompile the Gentoo Linux Kernel

October 11, 2013 Andy 0

Here I needed to add a few features to my current Kernel. The first thing I did was take a backup of both the Kernel image, the initramfs image, and the make configuration file (/usr/src/Linux/.config). Then, if everything spectacularly fails, I just need to boot into the live CD and restore the files. Backup Existing Boot Images It’s probably wise to backup your .config file if nothing else. I mount an NFS share and then copy the images there. Make your Changes While still in the /usr/src/linux directory, type make menuconfig. storm linux # make menuconfig I made the following […]

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Gentoo: Making Sense of Portage

September 14, 2013 Andy 0

Updating the System After I have installed Gentoo, I like to fully update the system – if nothing else, just to check everything works as expected. To do this I follow the official documentation for updating Gentoo (and you should too). Below I essentially just summarise the process. emerge –sync emerge –ask –update world emerge –ask –update –deep world emerge –ask –update –deep –with-bdeps=y world I have not updated my USE flags recently so do not run. emerge –ask –update –deep –with-bdeps=y –newuse world Hopefully everything went without a hitch. You should also run the following commands. emerge –ask –depclean […]

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Gentoo: Amend Global USE Flags

August 20, 2013 Andy 0

Here I need to amend the global USE flag to allow for Native Language Support (nls). nano /etc/portage/make.conf Now just add nls to the end of the USE flag variable. For example, USE=”…. nls”. Then update all the system software, pulling in support for nls where necessary. emerge –update –deep –newuse –ask world emerge -p –depclean If that seems okay, run without the “pretend” option on. emerge –depclean reboot Job done!