Migrate GitLab Instance to new Host

May 17, 2018 Andy 0

Here I migrate a GitLab installation from one server to another. The hostname and IP addresses will be different. Both were installed from the Omnibus version. However, currently the exact version numbers differ. In order to migrate successfully, both versions must be exactly the same type and version. For example, both installed using the Omnibus version and exactly the same version number. If you are unsure whether you installed the Omnibus version, you can confirm with the below command. This will fail if not. If it returns output similar to the below, you have the Omnibus version. It also shows […]

Install and Configure GitLab on Ubuntu 16.04

May 17, 2018 Andy 0

Dependencies Run to the below command to install the GitLab dependencies. When prompted, select Internet Site when configuring Postfix. Enter the FQDN. Installing GitLab GitLab provides a bash script that add their repository for you. Just download it and run it. Now you can install the GitLab package using the apt-get package manager. Configuring GitLab You need to first edit the configuration file. I added the following line to define my primary hostname and URL. I also enabled letsencrypt. If you do, make sure the DNS is setup already. This will auto-renew at 3:30 AM every seventh day. Now run […]

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The Quick Start Guide to vcsh/mr Setup

April 30, 2018 Andy 0

I recently wrote a post about how to install configure vcsh and mr to convienently manage and use all your repositories.  However for demostration this was quite a manual and long process.  To achieve a very similar outcome in a much shorter time, you could use the provided template and customise from there. The below will use vcsh to clone the git repository to mr.git in the ~/.config/vcsh/repo.d/ directory. The above repository is not owned by me so I can not push changes to it. As such you will need to edit the configuration and point it to your repository. […]

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nvPY on Gentoo

December 14, 2013 Andy 0

nvPY is a fast, simple to use, no fuss, cross-platform note taking application. One of the big benefits is that all your notes are stored somewhere on the cloud – so you don’t need to worry about them! Unfortunately we can not simply use emerge to install nvPY, so there are a few prerequisites prior to installation. Prerequisites There are not many prerequisites to nvPY but here they are all the same. Simplenotes Account In order to use nvPY, you will first need to create yourself a simplenotes account at simplenote.com. Now armed with your simplenotes login credentails, you can […]