Usable IP Range from CIDR Notation

Occasionally I need to find the usable IP address range given a particular CIDR notation. Usually I use an online calculator but today I found a better Linux based CLI tool, sipcalc, which save me opening up my web browser.

On Arch Linux you can simple install with:

$ sudo pacman -Sy sipcalc

And then to use:

[andy@home-pc ~]$ sipcalc
-[ipv4 :] - 0

Host address		-
Host address (decimal)	- 3232239616
Host address (hex)	- C0A81000
Network address		-
Network mask		-
Network mask (bits)	- 22
Network mask (hex)	- FFFFFC00
Broadcast address	-
Cisco wildcard		-
Addresses in network	- 1024
Network range		- -
Usable range		- -

[andy@home-pc ~]$ 

Happy days!! 🙂

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