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Delete IAM user

To list users, run the following. Before you can delete a user, you first need to delete any resources they are using such as keys, certificates, login profile, MFA, etc. Contents1 Pre-checks1.1 Access Keys1.2 Signing […]

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Arch Linux

Installing aws-cli on Arch Linux

You can either install aws-cli from the official repository…. …or aws-cli-git from the AUR. To configure, you’ll need to create a public and private access key. For testing purposes, I created a new one for […]

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Secure Opsview Monitor with SSL Certificate

Contents1 LetsEncrypt1.1 Apache Configuration1.2 Install LetsEncrypt1.3 Amend Apache Configuration2 Manually Install SSL Certificate LetsEncrypt If your Opsview Monitor web interface is public facing, securing your site with LetsEncrypt is likely the easiest solution. Apache Configuration […]