Using a Dark Theme with nvpy

If you’re having issues with the theme where you can’t easily read some text because its either too light or too dark against the background – you may simply need to pull in the latest version from Github.

For example:

I reported the issue a little while back and they made some changes here.  Assuming you’re running at least this version, you can make use of the new font options.  This is my config currently:

sn_username = [email protected]
sn_password = your_simplenote_password
theme = clam
font_family = droid sans mono
list_font_size = 10

# Colors (dark theme)
text_color = white
selected_note_color = #04a
note_info_color = #ff99cc
highlight_note_info_color = #cc3300
url_color = green
background_color = black
highlight_background_color = red

No more straining!

My eyes can relax again!

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