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Open Source

Upgrade Snipe

Recently I was tasked with upgrading an old Snipe instance. Below are the details of what we are going from, to. Current Target Ubuntu 14.04Snipe v3.6.3Apache (mod_php)PHP 5.5.9 Ubuntu 16.04Snipe v4.6.8Apache PHP-FPMPHP 7.0.32 Backup Before […]

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Delete IAM user

To list users, run the following. Before you can delete a user, you first need to delete any resources they are using such as keys, certificates, login profile, MFA, etc. Pre-checks Access Keys List access […]

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Arch Linux

Installing aws-cli on Arch Linux

You can either install aws-cli from the official repository…. …or aws-cli-git from the AUR. To configure, you’ll need to create a public and private access key. For testing purposes, I created a new one for […]