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Powershell on Ubuntu 18.04

Unfortunately powershell isn’t currently available in the official package repository. However Microsoft do provide a couple of ways to install powershell. DEB Package Microsoft provide a .deb package for manual installation using the APT package […]

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NFS Server on Ubuntu 18.04

First, as root, install nfs-kernel-server: By default NFS version 2 is disabled. This is probably fine but if you do need to enable it, edit /etc/default/nfs-kernel-server and add: And then restart the service: Confirm with: […]

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Here I am trying out a tool called aws-inventory that attempts to discover created resources within an AWS account. See the aws-inventory homepage for more information. First use the distributions package manager to install Tkinter: […]

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Install netdata on Ubuntu 16.04

Unfortunately there is not currently a .DEB installation file so we must install it manually. Update the package index and install the required and recommended packages for netdata. Clone the Netdata repository. Then install Netdata […]