Clam Anti Virus on Arch Linux

Install Clam with:

sudo pacman -Sy clamav

To update the virus definitions, run:

sudo freshclam

You will also need to start and enable the clamam-freshclam.service to get the latest definitions at boot.

sudo systemctl enable --now clamav-freshclam.service

Make sure you have already run sudo freshclam before starting and enabling the clamav-daemon. If not, stop it and run.

sudo systemctl enable --now clamav-daemon.service

It is recommended to add the additional signatures from the AUR package, clamav-unofficial-sigs:

yaourt -Sy clamav-unofficial-sigs

Make sure the below is uncommented:

[andy@work-pc ~]$ grep user_configuration_complete /etc/clamav-unofficial-sigs/user.conf

Then to install and enable these unofficial signatures:

sudo --install-all

To update the unofficial signatures, run:


Lastly, scan for viruses:

mkdir ~/clamav-scan-results/
clamscan --recursive --infected --exclude-dir='^/sys|^/dev|^/proc|^/var/lib/clamav' --max-filesize=4000M --max-scansize=4000M / -l ~/clamav-scan-results/201803261436

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