The Ultimate vim Configuration On Manjaro i3

vim is an awesome text editor (and more) but a good configuration can be a bit of a pain and personally I don’t have enough time to dedicate to it. The default vim configuration with Manjaro i3 is actually pretty good but I really like The Ultimate Vim Configuration.


Installation is simply on any Linux-based OS where Git is already present.

Install for a List of Users

The below installs it for the users andy and root.

$ git clone --depth=1 ~/.vim_runtime
$ git clone --depth=1 /opt/vim_runtime
$ sudo sh ~/.vim_runtime/ /opt/vim_runtime andy root

You must make sure all users have read access to/opt/vim_runtime when you are installing it for multiple users. Your user will need write access in order to be able to clone it.

Install for the Current User Only

To install if for the current user.

$ git clone --depth=1 ~/.vim_runtime
$ sh ~/.vim_runtime/

Install for a all Users

And for all users.

$ git clone --depth=1 /opt/vim_runtime
$ sh ~/.vim_runtime/ /opt/vim_runtime --all

Don’t forget to make sure all users have read access to /opt/vim_runtime.

Give it a go – see what you think!


The Ultimate vim configuration uses the following fonts:

You can install these on Manjaro with.

$ yaourt -Sya ttf-hack adobe-source-code-pro-fonts ibm-plex-fonts


To update you can simply do the following.

$ cd ~/.vim_runtime
$ git pull --rebase


To uninstall, simply delete the ~/.vim_runtime directory plus any reference to it in ~/.vimr. For me this is the whole file.

$ rm -vRf ~/.vim_runtime
$ mv -v ~/.vimrc{,.bkup}

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