Opsview Monitoring 6.0 on CentOS 7


If you’ve not already done so, register and get your license key. The Free Plan allows upto 25 hosts which should be enough for my needs right now.

On a fresh up-to-date installation of CentOS 7.5, run the below followed by your key.

[root@monitoring ~]# curl -sLo- https://deploy.opsview.com/6 | sudo bash -s -- -p myhttpadminpass -s your-opsview-software-key-here -y

And that should be it really. If all went well you’ll be returned to the command line and be able to access it on your IP address.

If not and the installation failed, make sure your system is using a FQDN. If installing on your LAN, this can be anything you like and achieved by editing your /etc/hosts file. If using a public cloud provider, you can also edit your local host file for now but using DNS would negate the issue altogether.

Hopefully however it completed successfully and you just need to log in with the admin username and whatever you (hopefully) replaced myhttpadminpass for a password.

Now your ready to start adding hosts! 😉

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