OpsviewImportRuntime Error

Today I started noticing the below errors which were appearing when logged in at the terminal.

Broadcast message from [email protected] (Mon 2019-03-18 17:04:02 UTC):

/opt/opsview/coreutils/bin/import_runtime[25838]: [2019/03/18 17:04:02] [import_runtime] [OpsviewImportRuntime::run:242] [FATAL] There are running dataloads - exiting

Message from syslogd@ovmon at Mar 18 17:04:02 ...
 /opt/opsview/coreutils/bin/import_runtime:[2019/03/18 17:04:02] [import_runtime] [OpsviewImportRuntime::run:242] [FATAL] There are running dataloads - exiting

This can happen when an import get interrupted by a reboot or something. Check an import is not currently running. If it is, first stop it.

[root@ovmon ~]# ps -ef | grep import
root     28400 15378  0 12:18 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto import

The import should run every 4 minutes.

[root@ovmon ~]# crontab -u opsview -l | grep import
4 * * * * . /opt/opsview/coreutils/bin/profile && /opt/opsview/coreutils/bin/import_runtime -q

Try re-running the import:

[root@ovmon ~]# su - opsview -c ". /opt/opsview/coreutils/bin/profile && /opt/opsview/coreutils/bin/import_runtime -q"

You can check the process with:

[root@ovmon ~]# tail -f /var/log/opsview/opsview.log | egrep 'Importing for|Finished import'

Hopefully that completes successfully.

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