Opsview Monitor – Upgrading from 6.0 to 6.1

Upgrading from 6.0.x to 6.1.x should be a straightforward process. Version 6.1.x includes many web UI and theme improvement as well as a massive reduction of reload times – especially if you have a large number of hosts.

My setup is simple and just consists of one Orchestrator and one Collector. The upgrade was just one command. However, it’s always a good idea to first backup your MySQL database.

Backup Database

[root@ovmon ~]# mysqldump -u root -p$(grep database_root_password /opt/opsview/deploy/etc/user_secrets.yml | awk '{print $2}') --add-drop-database --extended-insert --opt --all-databases | gzip -c > databases.sql.gz

Upgrade Opsview Monitor

To upgrade, you should hopefully just need to run:

[root@ovmon ~]# curl -sLo- https://deploy.opsview.com/6.1 | sudo bash -s -- --only repository,bootstrap,install

This can take a while so you might want to go and get a coffee! If it does fail however – Opsview Monitor 6.1.x now includes some useful output so make sure you check it out.

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