Install netdata on Ubuntu 16.04

Unfortunately there is not currently a .DEB installation file so we must install it manually. Update the package index and install the required and recommended packages for netdata.

apt-get update
apt-get install zlib1g-dev uuid-dev libmnl-dev gcc make autoconf autoconf-archive autogen automake pkg-config curl python python-yaml python-mysqldb python-psycopg2 nodejs lm-sensors netcat git

Clone the Netdata repository.

git clone --depth=1 ~/netdata
cd ~/netdata

Then install Netdata with the installation script.

root@wiki:~/netdata# ./

  |.-.   .-.   .-.   .-.   .  netdata                                        
  |   '-'   '-'   '-'   '-'   real-time performance monitoring, done right!  

  You are about to build and install netdata to your system.

  It will be installed at these locations:

   - the daemon     at /usr/sbin/netdata
   - config files   in /etc/netdata
   - web files      in /usr/share/netdata
   - plugins        in /usr/libexec/netdata
   - cache files    in /var/cache/netdata
   - db files       in /var/lib/netdata
   - log files      in /var/log/netdata
   - pid file       at /var/run/
   - logrotate file at /etc/logrotate.d/netdata

  This installer allows you to change the installation path.
  Press Control-C and run the same command with --help for help.

Press ENTER to build and install netdata to your system >

That should pretty much be it. You can make any configuration changes at /etc/netdata/netdata.conf:

sudo vim /etc/netdata/netdata.conf

Don’t forget to restart the service after each change:

sudo systemctl restart netdata

Also make sure the service is configured to start after a reboot:

sudo systemctl enable netdata

If you didn’t change the default port, netdata should now be available by visiting your IP on port 19999:

netdata on Ubuntu 16.04
netdata on Ubuntu 16.04

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