Installing Popcorn Time on Arch Linux

I was looking for a Showbox equivalent that I could easily install on my Arch Linux desktop, when I came across Popcorn Time.

Like Showbox, this program is a free and similar to the likes of Netflix. It is essentially an open source BitTorrent client that uses sequential downloading for streaming. It is available for pretty much all platforms: Linux, Android, Mac OSX….oh, and Windows (I guess some people are still using it).

Popcorn Time was available from the AUR, so I thought I’d give it a go. At the time of writing, there were three packages available, popcorn-time, popcorntime-git and popcorntime-bin. I decided to give the Git-based package a try. If you don’t have a pot of glue, you should probably use the binary package.

Due to the nature of open source, there are two or three forks of Popcorn Time at the time of writing. All three of the packages I am looking at, come from

I use the aura package manager, so installing Popcorn Time is easy!

sudo aura -A popcorntime-git

Not bad!

Popcorn Time

It even has support for Chromecast and AirPlay devices; a Remote Control API and VPN. Sweet!

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