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Powershell on Ubuntu 18.04

Unfortunately powershell isn’t currently available in the official package repository. However Microsoft do provide a couple of ways to install powershell. DEB Package Microsoft provide a .deb package for manual installation using the APT package […]

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NFS Server on Ubuntu 18.04

First, as root, install nfs-kernel-server: By default NFS version 2 is disabled. This is probably fine but if you do need to enable it, edit /etc/default/nfs-kernel-server and add: And then restart the service: Confirm with: […]

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Here I am trying out a tool called aws-inventory that attempts to discover created resources within an AWS account. See the aws-inventory homepage for more information. First use the distributions package manager to install Tkinter: […]

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Install netdata on Ubuntu 16.04

Unfortunately there is not currently a .DEB installation file so we must install it manually. Update the package index and install the required and recommended packages for netdata. Clone the Netdata repository. Then install Netdata […]

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Installing vCLI on Linux

This relates to VMware-vSphere-CLI-6.7.0-8156551 which you will need to down load from the VMware website here. In both examples below, you will need to first download this file and copy it to the device you […]